Can Older Women Like Younger Men Unconditionally, Or Just Because of Lust, Hype, Or Something Else?

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A young man seen in the streets with a visibly older woman would definitely turn a few heads. Questions like, ‘why are they together?’ and ‘I wonder how much younger he is compared to her’ would surface. It used to be taboo and unaccepted; but a paradigm shift has made older women like younger men.

Older Women Like Younger Men

There are so many reasons why older women like younger men. The single biggest contributing factor would be lust. Older women that like younger men seek excitement and thrills; something that can only be found with guys who are much younger. Older men do not appeal in certain aspects, be it physical or sexual. Consequently, these women resort to looking for younger guys to satisfy their needs and wants.

Women in relationships with younger men know what they want and what to look for. Being clueless would not stop these boys from attracting older women. Basically, they do not want their money or their belongings. They have most of it all already and what they look for in such a relationship is mutual affection and care for each other. These cougars prefer to be the dominant ones in the relationship as opposed to the control of prideful and egoistic older men.

Guys that like older women know for a fact that these ladies do not want them for their wealth. With their careers just on the rise, they cannot provide much to support the demands of a grown-up woman. But they do know the implications of getting into such a relationship. Experience, stability and genuine care can always be expected from an older woman.

Scientific Explanation On The Older Women Liking Younger Men Dilemma

There is also the Oedipus complex coined by Sigmund Freud. This terminology reflects on the instance where the young man searches for the love of his mother; or in this case an older woman. They seek the ability of older women to nurture, guide, and lead them on their paths. As for older women, it must feel great to have someone look up to you not only as a sexual partner, but a motherly figure as well.

A woman entering into a relationship with a younger counterpart can also have one thing guaranteed: independence. Perhaps broken free of the bonds previously attached to her previous partner, a single grown woman portrays a level of independence which can be deemed sexy. This independence serves as a great attraction as well as a stress reliever for a younger person.

If Older Women Liking Younger Men Is A Growing Trend, What Should They Expect From Each Other?

Here’s a word of caution: all the aforementioned criteria do not apply to every individual out there. Everyone is made and brought up differently. A relationship cannot be forced in any way. It is important that both parties reach a mutual level of understanding before progressing any further. Who knows? The next person you end up being with might turn out to be your soul mate, and it doesn’t matter what the age gap is.

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