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Date older women? A conventional relationship between a man and a woman has always been built around compatibility and mutual consent. These two individuals must share certain chemistry and thoughts for such a bond to work. Indeed, it comes as no surprise that people who are dating are widely accepted to be of the same age. Therefore the next question arises; why do younger men date older women?

Why Date Older Women Instead Of Vibrant Young Girls? – 5 “Ugly Truth” Reasons

Something awfully wrong must have happened to society’s timeline for a young man to date an older lady. However, it is now gradually being accepted by everyone. There are a lot of reasons why fresh young men would contemplate dating older women as opposed to girls their age.

  • Stability – You cannot expect a young man to have the world at his feet at such an early time in his career, unless he is the son of some rich magnate or tycoon. Older women are much more stable in terms of economic and financial prospects. Younger men always welcome this positive attribute when they date mature women. It is just like a pillar of support for their careers to blossom and grow.  
  • Status – When a man starts dating an older lady, he is bound to receive criticisms and turn a few heads. On the other hand, he will also be lauded and praised for having the confidence and courage to undertake such a bold move. These comments, be it good or bad, can actually help cement a status for the young man as well as for the older woman.  
  • Sexual Experience – Let’s face it, a young man is still light years behind when it comes to sexual experiences when compared to a matured woman. This is one of the MAIN reasons why a man would look to someone older than him for a good time. An older woman would have had her fair share of sexual partners over the past, so experience and knowledge will not elude her when it comes to this aspect. Fireworks are bound to go off when it comes to such a sexual relationship. The energy and exuberance of a young man coupled with the desire of an older lady will definitely hit things off.  
  • EmotionsYoung girls are as sensitive as a cat is to water. They place themselves in emotional distress over the smallest issues. An up and coming young man would not want to place himself in such a predicament of having to deal with such petty issues. On the contrary, older women have been there and done that. They have better control over their emotions. Even when they are facing distress, it is a given for them not to make it too over-expressive.  
  • WantsOlder women know what they desire and how to get it. Young men find this extremely attractive and enticing. To know what you want represents confidence and independence on a whole new scale. Doubts and uncertainties would portray an unsure and doubtful persona. What is there not to like about dating someone who tells you what she wants instead of lingering on what she could possibly want?

Less Reasons To Fear The “It’s Not You, It’s Me” Relationship Syndrome When Dating Older Women

All that matters in any form of relationship is the mutual happiness of both parties. The age gap is only an arbitrary number. Should that not be a problem, then it cannot be seen why younger men cannot have the time of their lives with a mature woman.

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