Dating Younger Men: Why It Makes Sense For Today’s Women

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Once upon a time, a woman dating or marrying a man younger than her was taboo. An older man doing the same with a younger woman was hardly news. Gone are the days of the double standard, and more older women are dating younger men than ever before. The challenge may be learning how to date a younger man, and finding a younger man who is suitable relationship material. Luckily, the internet is sprouting older women dating younger men sites like mushrooms after a great rainstorm.

Online dating sites that specialize in older women dating with younger men, or which include options or sections for this demographic, can be found here.

Many of these dating websites have sections or blog articles about how to date a younger man. They contain first-hand dating younger men advice from people who have been there and done that. Relationship experts and psychologists also post articles on these sites about how to date different age groups.

Dating Younger Men

To date a younger man means finding a partner who appreciates the older woman’s maturity, life experiences, her appreciation for spontaneity, realistic expectations, and energy levels. Dating younger men advice commonly tells women to beware of taking on the “Mommy” role with the man, and not being used as merely a booty call for a randy young thing.

Younger men find the older women they date have more maturity and life experiences than their peers do. These men are adventurous and exciting, and are able to reignite that side of their woman. A woman dating with a younger man is looking for the same things as any other woman, namely a man who is fun, self-confident, funny, sexy and respectful of who they are.

Women dating younger men do not want to be caretakers of another child, so they know better than to pick an immature young man. It is good dating younger men advice to be cautious of a man who wants to stroke his ego by bedding an older woman just so he can brag to his drinking friends.

Men, young and old, still want to be the pursuer in relationships. Older women need to remember this when looking to date younger men. They need to let the man take the lead in starting the relationship. The fact that the younger man is chasing the older woman is proof that he really is interested.

Sexual compatibility and spark is vital in the older woman-younger man relationships. Men hit their sexual peak in their early 20s while women are just getting started in their mid-30s. An experienced older woman can be adventurous and confident in bed, and that is a major turn-on to most men of any age.

Dating Younger Men On Autopilot?

Women who are dating with younger men should expect their man to be mature enough to hold a good job and have some direction in life. He should be past the “frat boy” party all the time stage of life and ready to delve into a serious relationship. Many older women report men their own age are not interested in them, as they prefer younger women. Dating younger men allows them to be with a partner who appreciates someone who is over the games-playing stage of life, and who can be an equal partner in the relationship.

Dating younger men can make a woman feel younger, more relaxed, and free of the burdens of regular life for a time. There are always problems with dating men of any age, as it is the nature of relationships. Dating a younger man can turn into a lasting relationship if both parties are ready for that and have matching expectations of the partnership. Older women are still young in their minds and have the benefit of experience and wisdom to balance that.

AARP Study Helps You Date Younger Men Without Remorse

To ease minds about older women dating younger men, be aware of an AARP study which showed that 34% of women over the age of 40 have dated younger men. 35% preferred dating younger men to dating older men. A 2008 study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly reported women ten or more years older than their men were more satisfied and committed in their relationship than women in other relationships.

Older women are generally more confident and sophisticated. They know what they want. Younger men are often more mature than in the past, and know an older woman will provide them with many benefits a younger woman cannot. The unfortunately named “cougar”, or older woman who seeks out relationships with younger men, still faces challenges. These come from society’s dinosaurs, the young man’s family and more. Luckily, women are stronger and overcome these speed bumps.

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