Is Cougars Dating Single Women’s Unconscious Natural Next Level of Spiritual Evolution?

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The definition of a cougar is pretty much farfetched. In layman’s terms, a cougar refers to a feline animal very much like a leopard. But if you treat it as slang, a cougar is actually a woman seeking relationships with male counterparts who are considerably younger than them. This brings us to the focal point – cougars dating.

In the very first place, why would a woman be referred to as a cougar just because of a relationship with a younger man? Well, it is not widely accepted by societies around. However, there is nothing amiss with older women dating younger men. There is actually more to benefit from such a relationship; which would bring us to a new topic of debate – why and how cougars date.

Is Cougars Dating Single Women’s Unconscious Natural Next Level of Spiritual Evolution?

Cougars have had their fair share of happiness and distress. Most of them have been through it all; from bad break ups to adversarial divorces. They definitely do not want to relive those moments again. Seemingly, men of their age are either married or committed in some way or the other. These men would only bring more distress to these older women knowing that they faced similar problems with men their age. This is one big reason why cougars prefer younger men.

It is assumed that a younger man has a big void to fill for a cougar, considering the things they have been through. However in reality, it is quite the contrary. A cougar would go into such a relationship knowing what to expect and what they will be getting as reward. Younger men do not portray an authoritative edge over these older women; and it is because of this fact that there is a high chance of such a relationship blossoming.

When put into comparison, younger men would not have the resources to match more established men. They are inexperienced and sometimes immature. However, putting these aside, younger men are full of exuberance and enthusiasm. These traits are something that deteriorates with age. Although inexperienced, younger men are like sponges if they are keen to learn. It is exactly because of their exuberance and energy that cougars prefer younger males; not only as a sexual partner but also as a friend.

Cougars Dating With Peace of Mind? Internet is the Key

Cougars have a very niche market of young men to tap into. Because it is generally considered taboo, cougars dating would have to resort to other channels of exposure. There are actually a lot of cougars dating online on some cougar free dating sites. These websites connect these women with their targeted individuals. It is up to both individuals to find out whether are they compatible with each other. Cougar online dating should be accepted as a means of respecting the needs of individuals seeking happiness in the midst of dejection.

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