Older Women Dating Younger As A Choice, Not As An Escape!

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What life situations lead to older women dating younger men? Many times, older women dating younger men for the intense sexual and romantic relationships they form. The taboo aura around such relationships might add to the allure. The younger men may like a woman who knows and accepts what she wants sexually and romantically.

Older Women Dating Younger

Strong feelings develop from the intense romantic passion and sexual connection created by older women with young men. No one can tell a woman whether dating a younger man is the best choice for her. Older women and younger men dating sites have proliferated because these relationships are becoming so frequent and accepted. Some popular sites are listed here.

A young man seeking to date an older woman is seeking a woman who has life experience, a realistic set of expectations about life, and a stable career. The older woman dating a younger man may both find the relationship a new experience in many ways.

Younger men are actively seeking older women to date. The older woman with a young man knows the man is with her because he wants to date her and is attracted to her. Younger men want to date older women because they see women their own age as boring, self-centered, shallow and manipulative. They are attracted to the spirit and energy of the older woman.

Over the past ten years, more older women with younger man relationships have developed. As the stigma for older women liking younger men lessens, these relationships will continue to increase.

Older women and younger men dating sites give some important tips for younger men who want to date older women. They advise men to be careful, and ensure they realize older women have less patience for some of the antics young men may demonstrate.

Older Women Dating Younger Tips

Younger men are advised to follow these five guidelines for dating an older woman.

  1. The young man should be assertive, speaking with their older woman directly and confidently. A man who knows what he wants is very appealing to an older woman.
  2. Older women dating younger men want their men to avoid labeling them as “cougars”. Many women find this an offensive term.
  3. The younger man does not need to remark on the age gap between them. Both people are very aware the woman is older than the man.
  4. Older women who like younger men need to take things slowly. Both people need to get to know each other as people, not just as sexual toys.
  5. A mature woman has been through many life experiences. The younger man seeking to date older women will have to work for the relationship. The woman will expect the man to have integrity and to follow through on his promises.

As long as both people are open and honest with each other, the older woman with a young man dynamic can work well for everyone.

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