Older Women Dating Younger Men Myths

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Older women dating younger men myths – dating with a younger man requires overcoming several older women dating younger men myths prevalent in today’s society.

Older women dating younger men, or actively seeking to date younger men, are commonly known as “cougars”.

Myth #1
Older women prey on younger, innocent men.

Many younger men actively participate on older women dating younger men sites. Older women have self-confidence, making them highly desirable to younger men. Often the younger man is the one hunting the older woman.

Myth #2
Dating a younger man will never work because he will inevitably cheat.

Older women are independent and spontaneous. They like their freedom and are young at heart. Cheating is related to being insecure and being with a cheater, rather than to the age difference.

Myth #3
Older women will lose interest in younger men because they have no shared interests.

Older women and younger men dating sites specialize in matching men and women with common interests, just as other dating websites do. In addition, having an open mind about exploring new interests and activities is part of a solid relationship.

Myth #4
A younger man will leave the older woman when it is time to start a family.

Not all men want to have children. Many younger men want to be with older women because there is less pressure over the family issues.

Myth #5
Older women dating younger men will not have a shared social circle.

Many age-gap couples experience negativity from others. This is true for any such relationship. There will also be people who are supportive of the relationship, regardless of the age issue. Couples should be prepared to deal with a variety of reactions from friends and family.

Myth #6
As the woman ages, the younger man will no longer find her attractive.

Most older women dating younger men look younger than their age. A younger man in a relationship with an older woman is attracted to her personality as much as to her appearance. They find older women attractive in spite of any imperfections.

Myth #7
The older woman’s children will not accept the younger man who is dating their mother. The man’s parents will not accept the older woman dating their son.

Eventually the parents and children should see the loving and supportive relationship between the couple.

Do Older Women Dating Younger Men Myths Just Need To Be Viewed With Common Sense?

Men and women seeking relationships should remember that older women and younger men dating sites are consistently full of people interested in age-gap relationships. There will be challenges, just as there are in all relationships. As long as both people recognize and accept this fact, and maintain open communication and use good relationship skills, the odds for success are just as rosy as for people in traditional relationships. Therefore, we hope that our older women dating younger men myths will help you establish a meaningful age-gap relationship.