Susan’s Cougar Story

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This real life cougar story is brought to us by Susan P (43) from Orlando and is exclusively written for the website as a tribute to our efforts in the age-gap dating lifestyle area. Thank you Susan! Do you want to share your own age-gap dating or relationship story with us? We would love to hear it! Submit it here.

Susan’s Cougar Story

He had always been so attractive to me. Every morning I would wake up just in time to see that man from my window physically working his body on the house across the street. This man was absolutely astonishing with how built his body was. I couldn’t help but feel wet just watching him, especially when he took off his shirt and his sweaty body was perfectly in my view. I figured he was a little bit younger, but definitely not by too much. I just wanted to know more about this man, because he made every inch of my body hot with imagination. Oh, the things I would do to that man if I ever got the chance.

I pretty much lived a basic life. I had a nice home and a beautiful daughter who was getting older by the hour. I was married to a man for fifteen years, but the entire relationship I just felt trapped and the man I married just wasn’t a man who filled me with love and passion. I have needs too, and they just weren’t met in the least bit by him. I’ve been divorced now for two years, and have jumped in the dating scene a few times, but no luck. My friends had been trying to hook me up with mutual friends, but none of them lit up a spark. I felt like all the men they introduced me to were similar and none of them had anything unique about them that made me want to crawl after them. I just felt like there was something out there for me that was better, sexier, stronger, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

It was a Friday morning and I had woken up at eight o’clock just to get a peek of that gorgeous man. He was relaxing in a chair, and my, oh my, his body looked better than ever. I knew I couldn’t look long as I had to get breakfast going before my daughter went off to school. My beautiful and only child, Christine, was seventeen going on thirty, and I thought I would try my luck to see if she knew anything about my mystery man. I never really liked to show that I was interested in a man, as it was still a pretty new experience for me to be dating and to be talking about my interests in men. I tried to subtly bring up the topic the best I could by asking what the ruckus was that was going on at the neighbor’s house. Christine then told me that they were getting the outside of their house renovated and that her friend’s older brother was helping them for a good price. Bingo! Right on the money, that was exactly what I was looking for. I asked her what friend, and what the brother’s name was. She then told me it was her friend Katie, and her older brother’s name was Shaun. He was a 21 year old who had just been getting started in the home and renovation business with his uncle, and I can say that he has been doing a wonderful job the times I’d seen him. It threw me off a little bit though hearing his age, as I knew he was young, but he looked at least in his late 20’s. To blow off the conversation, I quickly finished making the bacon and eggs and told Christine that it was very nice of Katie’s brother for helping them out. Christine agreed and began eating her breakfast, eventually leaving for school.

I knew this man was younger; I had the facts right in front of me. But for some reason I wasn’t turned off, I was actually turned on more, and I didn’t know why. Possibly his dark thick hair, or his muscular arms and abs, or just that bright smile you could see from a mile away. I couldn’t help myself; I felt so wet just thinking about this man, let alone looking at him from a distance. I knew I was a 42 year old woman, but I knew I still had a damn good looking body and fashion sense. My breasts had honestly never looked better, and I wasn’t going to stop the feelings that were raging inside of me. I was going to walk over and introduce myself to that man. Old enough to be his mother, that didn’t matter to me. Who cares that I’m older? If he is what gets my body trembling, then hell, I’d like to see what he can offer me!

I went right into the shower and bathed my warm body and got dressed. I wore a nice pair of jeans and a top that showed off some cleavage that I was still proud of. I straightened out my hair, put on a neutral tone of makeup and quickly went to the kitchen. I knew I didn’t want to go over empty handed, so I did what any middle aged American woman would do; I made fresh lemonade to cool him down. I took some glasses and a pitcher and went on my way.

It was such a thrilling feeling and I felt so much control and excitement, like I too was young again. It was a feeling that I knew I could easily get use to. Approaching faster than I expected, Shaun was in my frontal view and I kept my eyes on him. He stood there staring back, knowing that I was coming for him. And in that moment, he was standing right in front of me. I told him I had brought him some iced cold lemonade and that he looked so hard at work that I wanted to give him a hand in any way I could that would relax him. I said this all while making sure my chest was pronounced in his view. He smiled and drank a glass that I had just poured for him, and kept his eyes on me as he did so. He then said that he liked a woman like me, a woman that was confident and aimed to please. I blushed as no man had ever been so blunt to me before. I knew I wanted him, every part of him, so I stepped up my game a bit more. I told him that I aimed to please, and that if he had a wish for a way for me to please him, I would do it. He put down his drink and before I knew it he grabbed my hand and we were running to the back of the house in a fenced in area.

He said that the family was out of the house and that I was so sexy he couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I began to tell him that I was older, but he quickly put his finger over my lips to silence me as he didn’t care about the age on my driver’s license, only the affection I was willing to give. I looked into his pale blue eyes and began kissing him passionately. It was a kiss I’d never forget as it was so intriguing and adventurous; I’d never been kissed like that before. He then pulled me in closer with his hands on my hips and began caressing my body. His big strong hands then grasped my breasts and I let out a moan as I was feeling wetter than the Niagara Falls. Shaun was fulfilling me in ways I couldn’t have even imagined. He started to slowly slip his fingers down my jeans and flicked my clit back and forth and eventually fingered me. I breathed heavily as I was pressed against him with my mouth near his ear. It then began to rain, but that didn’t even stop us.

Shaun pushed back his dark brown hair and in an instant his jeans were lowered. He was in his briefs and pulled out his hard cock that was the biggest I had ever seen. He inserted himself inside of me and I screamed out as I had never been dominated yet romanced so much by a man, a man who I didn’t even know, but it felt so right all at the same time. We then moved to the ground as we were leaning in a sunflower garden. The rain above us began turning colors in our sight: blue, red, purple, and yellow rain drops splashing everywhere around us. We looked up together and smiled and he pulled me in as we made love with the static colorful rain falling over us. He was a young man, I was an older woman, but everything about him drew me in and drove me wild. This was the type of man I wanted to be with, this was the type of man that was going to keep surprising me.

This was me, a raging sexy cougar!